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Student’s criminality action in senior high school and university often occurs in this country. Its masalah is always noticed by citizen and become main topic in psychology and criminology. Some forms of student’s criminality are an fighting, acting sexual, and using narcotics. All of them are caused by lower morality. As occuring in the Jabodetabek recently, a number of student’s figths always increase significantly.

According to Polwiltabes DKI Jakarta report, the number of student’s fight in the Jabodetabek occurs 11 times at 2009s, 28 times at 2010s, and 31 times at 2011. In addition, the number of fatality which is caused by student’s fight is 13 people at 2012s. The phenomena are considered so apprehensive, the more increasingly year, the higher its intensity.
Student’s criminality accours not only in the Jabodetabek, but also in other regions such as Sulawesi and Maluku. In the two islands, the fight is frequently carried out by university student, in which consequence from the fight damages some facilities in the Campus.
Criminality-Influencing Factors
So far, student’s criminality can’t yet be found the influencing factor because the masalah is so difficult to be identified. However, it can only be assumed that resentment and rivality become main factor which causes student’s fight. According to Psychology, student’s criminality can be caused by searching identity, whereas according to Sociology the criminality is caused by community solidarity between student. All of them are categorized as criminal action according to Criminology because it can always result victim and damage public facility.
Students in the senior high school tend in a community and follow a musim currently, so that they can be said “anut gubyuk ora ngerti rembuk” in Javanese term. Their classic reasons are if they don’t follow the trend, they will be considered out of date. However, students in the university tend individualist and usually they were an adult, so that criminality-influencing factors in university student are difficult to be identified.
Curative Action
So far, there isn’t yet curative action exactly to solve the student’s criminality problem. Giving sanction with going down school accreditation is considered uneffective, and mutation of head master in the school is valued that it deviates from masalah substantion. In addition, mutations to student which carry out the figth is considered that it will increase student’s burden and will make discrimination to naughty student, so that the decision is valued unfair.
Planning transformation of educational curriculum by Ministry of Education in Indonesia has an effort to solve the masalah with pressure to attitude in each level of education, from elementary school up to university. Unfortunately the curriculum is still valued contextual, so that it must be implemented in reality. We hope that implementation of new curriculum can minimize student’s criminality and can raise student’s learning result in this country.
Preventive Action
Preventive action can properly be implemented earlier before occured student’s fight. Learning attitude at each level of education can be inserted by teachers when they teach in the class. I’m sure that the treatment can realize students and improve their moralities. In addition, pressure of dogmatic education can also be teached to raise student’s character becoming better than before. Regulation in the school can be implemented really, with purpose to prevent student’s criminality.
Teachers and parents play very important role to supervise intensively each activity which is done their students or childern. They are also hoped apllying full-control to student, where daily activity of the student can be seen to avoid free intercourse. Because of the intercourse, it is an main indicator which effect naughty childern and causes student’s criminality in this country.